Private ukulele lessons

Are you a ukulele fan? Are you interested in learning how to play your favourite tunes on that amazing little instrument? Whether you are a beginner or a re-starter, I can help you achieve your goals.

Private ukulele lessons are offered in Bristol and can be arranged as one-to-one or group lessons of up to three persons.

Lesson Prices

One-to-one lessons

1 hour lesson / price: £32
45 mins lesson / price: £27
30 mins lesson / price: £22

Group lessons

Two persons

1 hour lesson / price: £22 (per person)

45 mins lesson / price: £17 (per person)

Booking your lesson

To book your first lesson, choose one of the following options:

1 hour lesson | 32.00 GBP
45 mins lesson | 27.00 GBP
30 mins lesson | 22.00 GBP
Group lesson – 1 hour | 22.00 GBP
Group lesson – 45 mins | 17.00 GBP

*Payments for all lessons are accepted in advance.

*A small travel fee applies to home visits based on distance.


Pay 10 lessons in advance and get 10% discount.

Important: Offer valid for three (3) months.

Cancellation policy

If a lesson is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, payment is due in full.