Private lessons

Guitar and ukulele lessons…

I have always appreciated what a wonderful experience it is to be able to pass on one’s knowledge by giving lessons, to be able to build the personality of someone and watch him/her develop under one’s guidance. It is a unique situation where a teacher is able to transfer his knowledge to the student and at the same time learn from the student as well.

As a classical guitar soloist, I have performed in major halls all over the world, gaining enormous experience. I still remember how hard it was, at the beginning, to face the audience and give of my best. During the last 17 years I have developed techniques and ways to help guitarists to perform without struggling and practicing for many hours and at the same time to perform at a professional level. By giving guitar lessons, I wish to transfer this knowledge to as many young students as I can, to help them overcome their insecurities and enjoy playing the guitar.

As an acoustic guitarist and accompanist, I have performed with several folk bands in Greece and abroad, and worked on different styles of music. During the last few years I have developed a method, which combines the technique of the classical guitar and the style of the acoustic and gives the opportunity to acoustic guitarists to develop their skills. Like that, acoustic guitar lessons don’t emphasize only on learning chords and strumming, but on learning advanced finger-picking techniques as well.

As a ukulele player, I have performed with several folk bands as well as solo during the last seven years. The more I performed the more I realised that this tiny instrument has tremendous possibilities and can support all styles of music. Giving ukulele lessons, became a lot more fun than I’ve ever thought.

As a teacher, my first priority is to help my students, especially beginners, enjoy the music. I love to teach different styles of music (pop, classical, folk, blues) and I always adapt myself to the personality of the student.

I want to make them feel relaxed and enjoy the lesson!

Andreas offers private guitar and ukulele lessons in Bristol at the moment.