“…I would simply like to say that Andreas is by far the best guitar teacher I have ever had.  I have been playing for almost 25 years – I played fairly seriously to the age of about 18 and then really picked it up again a year ago age 32.  The progress i have made has been fantastic.  My playing is infinitely better and technically there is no comparison to my playing of only a year ago.  Andreas is technically an absolutely amazing guitarist, but he also plays and teaches with incredible musicality and passion.

I have tried many teachers around the country, and also in Bristol itself, and I have to say that Andreas is an infinitely better guitarist and teacher than any of them.  
My future aim is to get my playing to a professional standard.  I have a very long way to go to achieve this but feel confident and secure that, with Andreas’s help and a lot of hard work from me; I will get there.

Anyone considering guitar lessons MUST choose Andreas.  He is simply the best…”